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Post  Ravenkit on Thu Aug 28, 2008 6:28 pm

Ravenkit loved to play outside the nursery. The nursery was so cramped and when ravenkit was in it she felt like she was caged. So she decided to explore. She raced out of camp before any cat would notice. "Wow! It's so beautiful!" She mewed to herself. She raced around sprouting flowers where she ran. Ravenkit smelled something funny, something she had never smelled. Of course she hadn't smelled a lot of things but this one had a certain tang to it. She remembered what her mother had told her, it was a fox! By the time she realized that it was to late. She slammed into it and looked at it. The fox had giant gapping jaws. She froze. "HELP!!!!" Ravenkit screeched as she tried to dart away. It had her pinned before she could get away. It's teeth right in her face, glistening white. It was just about to finish her! She screeched again as it missed it's target. The fox had bitten her front leg.

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